Analisis tekno ekonomi teknologi pengolahan bijih nikel laterit menjadi Nickel Pig Iron (NPI) menggunakan Hot Blast Cupola Furnace

Ulin Herlina, Fajar Nurjaman, Anton Sapto Handoko, Achmad Shofi


Processing technology on nickel laterite ore to become
Nickel Pig Iron (NPI) using Hot blast cupola furnace is
such technology developed to push up the growth of
processing industry iron/steel contains nickel in
Indonesia. The need of this technology is more urgently
along with the enforcement of regulation no 4/2009 in
mineral and coal mining law, which prohibits all industry
to export raw mineral products without preliminary
process. For this reason, in this research, technoeconomic
analysis for designing nickel laterite
processing plant to become NPI using hot blast cupola
furnace was carried out. This research was conducted
based on several data processes taken from nickel
laterite smelting using hot blast cupola furnace. Techno
economic analysis showed processing nickel laterite ore
to become NPI using 3 units of hot blast cupola furnace
with total capacity 9 ton/day at kabupaten South
Konawe, Southeast Sulawesi province was feasible to
be carried out, whereas feasibility investment score was
fair enough. The net present value (NPV) was IDR
11,278,271,245, and internal rate of return (IRR) was
23.28% with a payback period (PBP) of 4 years and 10


Techno-economic; Nickel laterite ore; Nickel Pig Iron (NPI); Hot blast cupola furnace

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