Pengaruh pulse current terhadap kekuatan bending implan micro-plate hasil dari proses edm die-sinking

Y. Kurniawan, J. Janua, B. Sulaksono


Micro-plate implants are jaw implants in the form of straight plates. The need for micro-plate implants in Indonesia is quite high. Current micro-plate implants are fabricated using two machining processes, namely Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (wire-EDM) and micro-milling. These two processes are one of the reasons why the price of micro-plate implants in the market is expensive. One way to lower the price of implants is to shorten the implant manufacturing process. This research develops a process for manufacturing micro-plate implants using the EDM die-sinking process. The main objective of this study was to investigate the effect of pulse current on the bending strength of micro-plate implants resulting from the EDM die-sinking process. The micro-plate implant material uses commercially pure titanium (CP-Ti) with a thickness of 400 μm. The implant manufacturing process uses a pulse current of 6, 9 and 13 A. The electrode material uses graphite. The results showed that the bending strength of micro-plate implants increased with an increase in pulse current. In addition, the increase in pulse current also causes the micro-plate implant to become soft. This is indicated by the elongation value of the micro-plate implant which increases as the pulse current increases.


Pulse current; EDM; Kekuatan bending; Implan micro-plate

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