Ethical Publication

Dinamika Teknik Mesin (DTM) has established ethical standards for high quality original scientific research publications. Publishers remain constrained by requirements such as copyright, infringement and plagiarism to support publication ethics. The publisher is responsible for maintaining all the secrets of correspondence and under any circumstances shall not disclose anything contrary to the interests of the author, referee, and journal editor. The parties including authors, reviewers and editors in the peer-reviewed journal publications published by DTM are expected to carefully follow the following publication ethics.

Authors must submit original articles for consideration of possible publications in journals published by DTM. Manuscripts or parts of manuscripts are not published in other journals or are being considered for publication by other journals. The abstract should describe briefly the substance of the manuscript. The material available in the manuscript should match the quotation that applies to the DTM. Literature and publications affecting the work should be cited and referred to and should be avoided irrelevant references.

Anything against above will fall within the domain of unethical behaviour which cannot be accepted.  

Reviewers is expected to help the Editor to arrive at the publishing decision of the article. A review report containing constructive comments related to the presentation and enhancement of intellectual content can substantially enrich the manuscript. A reviewer should keep the confidentiality of the manuscript under review. No reviewer discloses the article or any of its parts to anyone except when required by the Editor. Information or ideas received through peer review should not be used for personal gain or others.

Editors responsible for deciding on the publication or papers submitted. The editor may rely on the opinion of the referee in ensuring the authenticity and truth of the intellectual content in the manuscript. The editor may consult with other members of the journal's editorial board in order to reach a quick decision. The editor must maintain the confidentiality of the manuscript until the manuscript is published. Editorial editor at Mechanical Engineering University of Mataram must hold the responsibility to keep records of the manuscript with great confidentiality.