Review Process

Editors will email selected Reviewers the title and abstract of the submission, as well as an invitation to log into the journal web site to complete the review. Reviewers enter the journal web site to agree to do the review, to download submissions, submit their comments, and select a recommendation.

Peer review practice is to ensure that only high quality papers are published in this journal. It is an objective process in good scientific publishing and is implemented by all leading scientific journals. Our referees play an important role in maintaining high standards of Dinamika Teknik Mesin journal and all manuscripts are review following the review procedure. 

Dinamika Teknik Mesin has a blind review process. After a paper is submitted to the journal, the journal editor screens the manuscript and decides whether or not to send it for full peer review.

Only after clearing the initial screening is the manuscript sent to two or more peer reviewers. Finally, the journal editors or the journal’s editorial board consider the peer reviewers’ reports and make the final decision to accept or reject the manuscript for publication.



Reviewers evaluate submitted submissions to recommend that articles be accepted/rejected based on the following questions:

1. Whether original writing / no plagiarism.

2. Does the paper contain a novelty?

3. Is the manuscript written in Indonesian / English correctly and clearly?

4. Does the title reflect the contents of the paper?

5. Are the objectives and problems stated in the text clearly and in accordance with the field of mechanical engineering?

6. Do images and tables clearly reflect objective outcomes?

7. Does the content of the manuscript have novelty?

8. Does the conclusion answer the objectives and problems stated in the manuscript?

9. Are references mostly current?

10. Overall recommendation and evaluation: Accept and publish as is, or accept and publish after minor revision or Accept and published after major revisions, or Decline,

11. Additional comments from reviewer: